Everything is Rent

Obsession is such a strong word.

What I feel for Rent is merely enthusiasm perfectly explained by the fact that Rent is not just a show. Je suis RENThead.

On Thursday, me, three friends and accompanying adult piled into the car and set out for Dublin at the wee hours of 8:15am.

Yes, we started playing the soundtrack then, and yes we sang along. Loudly.

After whiling away the day taking in shopping and culture, we were getting antsy. By 7:55 we were hysterical scary excited. The voice over counting down and lack of people sitting down did not help.

As a sidenote I should mention that when one has built something up in one’s head to this extent,  things can only result in disappointment, so I was expecting nothing more than adequacy. I was way off the mark.

Outstanding. Unless you knew it was a student production, you would never have guessed, the level of professionalism was nothing short of Broadway (there were some microphone issues.) The show kept faithfully to the script except for a few obscure references, nothing was censored (there’s some swearing and homosexuality *shock horror*) and the performances were incredible. The relationship between Angel and Collins was especially touching, making the tears (not from me, I have no soul, but from Eimear next to me) at the end all that more free flowing.

Plus that high note from Joanne in Seasons of Love. Mmmm.

We ran past the cast on our way to the car after the show ended, and while Rachel and I decided not to freak out the students, the other two whipped out the cameras and got pictures with Collins, who informed us that our excitement could be seen from the stage. Mort.

Truly worth going to see, this was a spectacular portrayal of one of the great musicals of our times.


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