101 in 1001

101 goals in 1001 days – Aug 01, 2012 – Apr 29, 2015

See the Day Zero Project to start your own 🙂

  1. See an opera DONE
  2. See a ballet
  3. Watch Shawshank Redemption DONE
  4. Watch Silence of the Lambs
  5. Finish Stein’s Gate
  6. Get out of debt
  7. Learn interview skills and create a great nursing CV/cover letter
  8. Complete a 5k
  9. PR in a 10K
  10. Reach 750 blog posts
  11. Become med free (or as low a maintenance dose as possible) NOPE
  12. Visit Paris
  13. Donate blood
  14. Get a tattoo
  15. Get my driver’s licence
  16. Get a car
  17. Take a hot yoga class
  18. Write three short stories
  19. Stop biting my nails (for at least three months)
  20. Give up alcohol for a month DONE
  21. Improve my diction (Stop filling sentences with like, um, ah)
  22. See Amanda Palmer in concert DONE
  23. Take a pole dancing class (This has been a goal of Sinead and me since we were 16!)
  24. Learn how to make 3 cocktails. Well.
  25. Bake a soufflé
  26. Read Wuthering Heights
  27. Finish Anna Karenina
  28. Don’t go on Facebook for a week
  29. Get a bikini wax
  30. Learn to crochet DONE
  31. Go out on New Year’s Eve
  32. See an acupuncturist DONE
  33. See a reflexologist
  34. Record 10 repertoire songs for website
  35. Complete Grade 8 piano
  36. Complete FYP in Nursing NOPE
  37. Visit Glasgow
  38. March at a protest
  39. Choose a nursing specialism NOPE
  40. Take a ballet class
  41. Take an Irish dancing class
  42. Buy trousers DONE
  43. See a play DONE
  44. See a musical
  45. Watch every episode of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” DONE
  46. Watch every episode of “Buffy” DONE
  47. Watch every episode of “Breaking Bad” DONE
  48. Reduce waist circumference to 31″ (recommended maximum for women to avoid diabetes and heart disease)
  49. Make a list of 101 things I have already achieved
  50. Learn how to knit cables (from my nana)
  51. Take a class that has nothing to do with nursing
  52. Fall in love DONE
  53. Host a dinner party
  54. Update my passport DONE
  55. Travel abroad with my friends DONE
  56. Unsubscribe from all the email newsletters I don’t read DONE
  57. Learn one classical piece on guitar
  58. Go to a wine tasting
  59. Try archery (Sinead will be so proud.)
  60. Go to Roller Jam
  61. Learn to say hello in 10 languages (not including English, Irish or French) DONE
  62. Learn to say thank you in 10 languages (same as above)
  63. Learn to say goodbye in 10 languages (same as above)
  64. Climb Croagh Patrick
  65. Read all books by Stephen Fry
  66. Get an article published DONE
  67. Audition for something
  68. Go to an aquarium DONE
  69. Read the Bible DONE
  70. Waltz DONE
  71. Learn how to make iced coffee
  72. Design my own knitting pattern
  73. Visit the Cliffs of Moher DONE
  74. Visit Belfast
  75. Do a handstand
  76. Stop swearing for a whole month
  77. Go ziplining (and get over my fear of heights)
  78. Read the Great Gatsby DONE
  79. Watch Schindler’s List DONE
  80. Watch the Matrix
  81. Watch American History X DONE
  82. Watch A Clockwork Orange DONE
  83. Try a TRX class
  84. Try BodyPump
  85. Go to a festival
  86. Buy a red dress
  87. Get a manicure
  88. Answer the “50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind”
  89. Start saving
  90. Leave a 100% tip
  91. No eating out for a week
  92. Meditate/pray daily for thirty days DONE
  93. Visit 3 new places in Ireland (Bundoran, Donegal/Sligo Town/Bray) DONE
  94. Make a cushion DONE
  95. Learn how to use a sewing machine
  96. Send a handwritten letter DONE
  97. Swim in the ocean DONE
  98. Overcome my fear of heights
  99. Go a week without caffeine DONE
  100. Go to a Bunratty banquet (to judge. I mean…compare)
  101. Donate €5 for every goal I don’t complete



25/101 – quarter of the way there!


12 thoughts on “101 in 1001

  1. Have you started training for your 5k and 10k yet? When I lived in DC from 2001-2007, I ran the annual St. Patrick’s Day 10k and the Charry Blossom 10-mile & the Army 10-mile each year, to help a friend train for her marathons (which I did *not* run – eeww). If you live close enough, I could start running (read: slow-jogging) some short training runs with you – but I don’t want to run in the actual races, because it turns out I hate race days even more than I hate running.

  2. Tip for your iced coffee – assuming you are making American iced coffee, which is (wait for it…) coffee poured over ice. Make the ice cubes out of coffee, too – that way, there’s no dilution, and you don’t have to try to figure out how much stronger to make the coffee.
    Of course, you still make it strong, so you have an excuse to add (nonfat) milk and a shot of caramel syrup.
    If you’re making Irish iced coffee, which is actually some sort of ridiculous bastardized latte-flavored ice cream milkshake sundae monstrosity that is neither thirst-quenching nor energizing on a warm summer day, then you’re on your own.

  3. Re 95 – learn to use a sewing machine – do you have a sewing machine? Because I have a couple of projects you could work on as practice… if you wanted to…

  4. Re: 44 see a musical – since you have until 2015, may I propose: After the Gay Games in Cleveland in 2014, we all fly back through New York, and stop for a couple of days in NYC, and see The Book of Mormon? Not only a musical – not only a *Broadway* musical – but actually a *GOOD* musical.

  5. I don’t understand how you hate running. Running is the greatest thing ever. No I’m not training at the moment because it’ll be spring and summer before any races in Limerick are on.

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